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Our work is our pride

About Us

We bring to you the finest of furniture that suits your dream home and we believe in tiny details of every design.Our clients are not just looking for furniture, they are looking for something much beyond that. Hence, we represent furniture that comes with suaveness and comfort. Furniture that becomes home.


Every craftsman at Hardwood Street creates a unique handicraft according to their individual talent with different shapes, patterns, colours and sizes. This inheritance or we say our handicrafts history of making unique and beautiful handicrafts, has been passed from one generation to another and with time we have evolved our expertise by maintaining our ethnic designs yet suiting the taste of the International audience. 

As we build on our previous accomplishments, we look forward to exploring new territories inspired by the latest trends and designs, traditional and contemporary.

Half Cycle Wheel Lamp

Blessed with an affluent cultural heritage that’s reflected within the intricacy of its handicrafts and has left people worldwide awestruck and mesmerised, India is surely a true blue shopper’s paradise. Being a tropical country, India has deciduous or evergreen forests with a vast species of trees. Amongst these, wood from Mango, Sheesham (Indian Rosewood), Acacia trees and Teak is mostly used in the manufacturing of the wooden products.


Treasure Trove of Indian Handicrafts

Popularly called the 'Treasure trove of Indian handicrafts', the handicrafts and arts of the state of Rajasthan are marked with an exuberance of color and culture and are held in high regard all over the world. Because of the artistic and ornate craftsmanship which do not have parallel the world over, the masterpieces of handicrafts, while preserving the centuries old traditions and legacy, have carried out an important niche in the highly competitive international mercantile.

The city of Jodhpur, in Rajasthan, also called the Sun City or the Blue City, is serving almost all countries of the world with its broad spectrum creative products of artistic wooden furniture, life-style accessories, exquisite Indian crafts, decoratives, giftwares, metalwares, woodwares etc.

Professional Artisans

India is blessed with innumerable highly skilled artisans. The creation of an authentic handcrafted product involves considerable skill and time, but the individual attention and care given to each item is what makes it so unique.


Our craftsmen are design-led and believe in delivering conceptual designs through their creativity. We believe the core values of our team to be dynamic in what we do, show integrity in our words and perfection in our work. We also constantly look for Innovation, evolving, adapting to newer technologies, designs, etc.

Hardwood Streets Artisans
Hardwood Street Warehouse

State of art Facility

Occupying over 100,000 sq ft and employing over 200 artisans, our manufacturing unit is situated in the Suncity - Jodhpur and is equipped with integrated facilities from manufacturing to packaging. Our quality control department diligently follows customer’s suggestions while our logistics department ensures that the goods are timely dispatched. We typically use Mango wood, Acacia, Indian. Rosewood (Sheesham) and wood reclaimed from old buildings.

Secured product packaging

We take the highest possible safety measures for the furniture to reach your location in the best condition. Items are first covered in bubble wrap and foam. They are then packed in carton boxes. The corners of each carton are given additional protection with foam. Cardboard L-shaped corners are also used as per requirement and instructions. Empty space inside the cartons are filled using filling material (usually shrink wraps) to ensure minimal transit damage. Drop tests are also conducted on request, either by us or by independent agencies to check thickness and strength.

Hardwood Street Product Packaging
Hardwood Street Customisation


Hardwood Street takes immense pride in creating and customizing furniture to suit and enhance your home and lifestyle. From the vast range of sturdy woods ranging from Mango, Acacia, Sheesham (Indian Rosewood) or Teak, you can choose a unique design with a personalized look and feel. We help you customise furniture designs that accommodate your spacial requirements. Whether it is a particular taste to your liking or an extraordinary space that needs customisation, our team will assist you with getting anything made. 

Our Team at Work

Dive into our array and explore the beautiful ranges that are crafted for you to meet your furniture needs

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